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GIC Kisicats Giorgio - Maschio Fondatore 1990-2005

Everything begins on 1987 with Mousse, a flame point female, a good girl without great expectations, but….

Mousse Best in Show - San Marino 1989

She develops into a show quality cat, by the way I decide to go to the Show and start to breed seriously Himalayans.


The health and the temperament of the cats has always been top priority, as a proper and qualified selection.

A special thanks goes to Mel and Jackie Kramer (Kisicats), Debbie Kaplan (Peaceful Paws), Carolyn Bennett (Careyata), Lori Kerr (Catbery Tail) and Paolo & Fabio (St. Jude) for their help and friendship.

Almigry is still a small cattery, where cats are chiefs of the house.

In 1997 I became a FIFe International Judge.

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